We commit to operate responsibly in all our business activities while at the same time expect the same responsibility from our business partners. 

Main issues of our social impact are the concern for providing a safe working environment, monitor our supply chain’s performance in the fields of human rights and the environment and harmonious coexistence with local communities in which we operate

Our People

We believe that our people are the driving force behind our operations and that they are vital to our growth and development. As such, our human resources policies facilitate the creation of working conditions that encourage staff development, and allow employees to achieve excellence in their work.
Managing our people
Corinth Pipeworks’ performance depends on a highly-skilled, motivated and talented workforce. The Company recruits, trains and rewards employees to build business capabilities. This ensures our business is well resourced and enhances employee performance and engagement levels.

Our Code of Conduct promotes Company’s culture and ensures the implementation of the values, guiding the conduct of its employees. Our Company’s Code of Conduct, principles and values are the foundation of trust, which plays a key role in our sustainable business success

The majority of our people are living at the local communities adjacent to our Thisvi plant. The vast majority of our executives comes from technical disciplines and contributes to execute our strategy and growth plans for the future. We employ skill-pool managers to ensure robust resourcing and succession planning for our critical positions and to create development opportunities for our employees. Our employees are encouraged to take part in social responsibility projects.

We continue to invest in developing the skills of our employees, as well as in health and safety and environmental awareness programs. Our training schedule aims at involving all our employees in a training program, at least, annually.

Two-way dialogue between management and employees is embedded in our work practices, and we strive to maintain healthy employee relations.

Dialogue can take place directly through the "open doors" communication policy, making possible the employee direct information on any significant changes taking place in the Company while it has in place multiple communication channels for employees to communicate their concerns to the Company (e.g. executive meetings, staff meetings, appraisal).


Health & Safety

Preserving the health and safety of our employees and contractors is one of our top priorities. We have developed robust health and safety policies and procedures to identify and minimize all health and safety risks related to our production plants, operations, and processes. We implement a number of actions to raise awareness and provide training on health and safety, with the aim of creating a safe and healthy workplace.
Health and safety policy
In compliance with its health and safety policy, Corinth Pipeworks:
  • Sets the highest possible level of health and safety for all its activities as a primary and on-going target,
  • Aims at zero number of accidents, supports allocation of all the essential resources (financial, human, organizational, etc.) in order to achieve this level,
  • Acknowledges that promotion of health and safety issues is the best business practice and is, therefore, committed to its on-going improvement.
  • Ensures conformance with all the relevant legislation and application of the highest standards regarding health and safety issues.
  • Recognizes health and safety as a key criterion for evaluation process and decision-making. Assigns the highest priority to accident prevention and control of hazardous situations before they occur.
  • Acknowledges the significance of the human factor in health and safety and ensures continuous updating and upgrading of the Company's human resources in this sector.
  • Supports active participation of the Company’s entire workforce, regardless of job position, in order to upgrade its performance in the domain of health and safety.
  • Promotes health and safety culture to all the Company operations, including the operations of its associates contractors, etc.


We are committed to growing harmoniously with the communities in which we have a presence, by encouraging the creation of links that will strengthen our long-term relationship with society. The economic and environmental benefits of activities in the communities where Thisvi plant is located, contributes to direct local wealth creation.

Supply Chain

We care to deliver a positive social impact, which indicates the importance of responsible sourcing. Our company-wide cultural effort is to accelerate the shift to responsible sourcing, as supply chain can have a substantial impact on the overall environmental and social footprint, as well as transparency as it relates to labor and human capital.

Respect Human Rights

The shared values articulated in the Corinth Pipeworks Code of Conduct are guidelines for each employee to comply with in conducting daily business operations. Prime among them is the principle that we respect and support internationally recognized human rights, a principle that underpins all our corporate and individual activities and disciplines the actions of every member of the Company.

Corinth Pipeworks continuously sharing its philosophy on respect for human rights across the Company and its external associates worldwide. The Company has stipulated policy for human rights in employment and continues to work for equal employment opportunities, respect for human rights, elimination of discrimination, and the prohibition of forced labour and child labour. Corinth Pipeworks takes every chance for education or training that will promote understanding and penetration of human right in the workplace.

Corinth Pipeworks supports the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The ILO has adopted conventions and recommendations that cover nearly every issue affecting the working world. The ILO has identified eight ILO conventions, which it calls the Fundamental ILO conventions, pertaining to issues ranging from discrimination and minimum working age to the worst forms of child labour. Corinth Pipeworks endorses all eight fundamental ILO conventions and makes specific reference in the respective policy as well as in the Company’s Code of Conduct.