We recognize the importance of clear and proper governance structures to fulfill our strategic goals. These structures are considered essential to translate the ambitions and goals into actions. Furthermore, we established policies that cover the entire spectrum of environmental, social and governance matters which are thoroughly monitored by relative metrics, internal and external controls for adequate due diligence on important matters and regulatory compliance, as well as appropriate governance measures to ensure transparency and accountability.  

We at Corinth Pipeworks are committed, through our activities, to meet the needs of society by delivering products in a reliable, inclusive and sustainable manner and thus creating value for all stakeholders.

Code of Conduct
We conduct our business with honesty and integrity and in compliance with all relevant laws.  We ensure transparency in all interactions and acknowledge the moral and legal obligation to act responsibly in all jurisdictions. 

Performance and competitiveness are strengthened solely through lawful conduct.

Data Privacy
The extent of data usage in business presupposes that privacy and data compliance and their protection extend across all corporate activities and sectors. The Company’s Top Management has introduced a data protection framework surrounding the processing of personal data. In cooperation with our experts in IT and data protection law. Ultimately, data governance can be leveraged to enable privacy management and facilitate the goal of privacy by design. The protection of personal data is the responsibility of all staff, contractors, affiliates and other 3rd parties acting on Corinth Pipeworks.

Whistleblower mechanism

Essential role in our corporate governance structure is the implementation of a whistleblower mechanism. The mechanism, which implemented in 2022, establishes the proper channels of communication for anyone either within or outside the company, to report unethical or illegal wrongdoing, while at the same time ensuring comprehensive protection and support for reporting persons.