The shared values articulated in the Corinth Pipeworks Code of Conduct are guidelines for each employee to comply with in conducting daily business operations. Prime among them is the principle that we respect and support internationally recognized human rights, a principle that underpins all our corporate and individual activities and disciplines the actions of every member of the Company.
Corinth Pipeworks continuously sharing its philosophy on respect for human rights across the Company and its external associates worldwide. The Company has stipulated policy for human rights in employment and continues to work for equal employment opportunities, respect for human rights, elimination of discrimination, and the prohibition of forced labour and child labour. Corinth Pipeworks takes every chance for education or training that will promote understanding and penetration of human right in the workplace.
Corinth Pipeworks supports the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The ILO has adopted conventions and recommendations that cover nearly every issue affecting the working world. The ILO has identified eight ILO conventions, which it calls the Fundamental ILO conventions, pertaining to issues ranging from discrimination and minimum working age to the worst forms of child labour. Corinth Pipeworks endorses all eight fundamental ILO conventions and makes specific reference in the respective policy as well as in the Company’s Code of Conduct.