Corinth Pipeworks’ performance depends on a highly-skilled, motivated and talented workforce. The Company recruits, trains and rewards employees to build business capabilities. This ensures our business is well resourced and enhances employee performance and engagement levels.
Our Code of Conduct promotes Company’s culture and ensures the implementation of the values, guiding the conduct of its employees. Our Company’s Code of Conduct, principles and values are the foundation of trust, which plays a key role in our sustainable business success.
The majority of our people are living at the local communities adjacent to our Thisvi plant. The vast majority of our executives comes from technical disciplines and contributes to execute our strategy and growth plans for the future.  We employ skill-pool managers to ensure robust resourcing and succession planning for our critical positions and to create development opportunities for our employees. Our employees are encouraged to take part in social responsibility projects.
We continue to invest in developing the skills of our employees, as well as in health and safety and environmental awareness programs. Our training schedule aims at involving all our employees in a training program, at least, annually.

Two-way dialogue between management and employees is embedded in our work practices, and we strive to maintain healthy employee relations. Dialogue can take place directly through the "open doors" communication policy, making possible the employee direct information on any significant changes taking place in the Company while it has in place multiple communication channels for employees to communicate their concerns to the Company (e.g. executive meetings, staff meetings, appraisal).