Corinth Pipeworks recognizes that its people are vital to the implementation of its business strategy. We regard our employees as a highly valued resource to be cared for, empowered and rewarded. Corinth Pipeworks believes in open, constructive and continuous dialogue to create a working environment based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.
Our values and our Code of Conduct define the way we operate and how we treat our employees. We focus on health and safety and we provide a working environment that empowers our people to be productive, result-oriented as well as manage their personal development with passion and integrity.
We feel proud by being cooperative and working collaboratively, thus supporting each other towards common goals, whether one is a team member or a team leader. We choose to be part of a team and to solicit and utilize the skills, ideas and opinions of all team members. We act in favour of the Company and feel collectively responsible.
We act with fairness and transparency in all our relationships. We acknowledge people’s personality and skills and place them where they can best contribute and be recognized. We focus on saying and doing things with consistency and integrity.