Big challenge – Great success

The completion of Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) pipe production was celebrated in our plant in Thisvi, Greece. 28,600 pipes to be laid along 495km were manufactured and coated at our facilities, both at our HSAW and LSAW pipe mills.

The completion of the biggest project ever commissioned to Corinth Pipeworks was celebrated within the production facilities, at an event that focused on the people who put in the work and effort for the successful outcome of this project.

Despite the large scale of the task at hand, the demanding technical specifications, and the multi-logistic deliveries that created a tight and complex delivery schedule (including vessels, trains and trucks), the production was carried out successfully and on schedule.

Our people from all departments performed, as always, to the best of their abilities, which resulted in perfectly executed output that received praising comments from the customer and its inspectors, as indicated below: “Congratulations on this outstanding achievement! 28,600 pipes completed on schedule to the highest possible standard is something you should all be proud of,” said Kenneth. A. Sharpe, Quality Manager, Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project, Greece.

“This has very much been a team effort and I would have to include the very competent and professional staff of Corinth Pipeworks in that team. Absolutely everyone has pulled together to ensure that this Project will come to a Production, Quality and Logistical success. Corinth Pipeworks has provided exceptional hospitality and extreme professionalism throughout the course of the Project which has made this assignment very enjoyable to all of the TAP representatives here in Thisvi,” said Douglas Armstrong, TAP appointed Lead Inspector at Corinth Pipeworks S.A.

Corinth Pipeworks has once again confirmed its leading position as an overall top-performance supplier for the oil and gas sector.

Celebration in pipe manufacturing plant

Celebration in external anti-corrosion coating plant