DEPA Commercial, DEPA International Projects and Corinth Pipeworks S.A. steel pipe segment of Cenergy Holdings, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the implementation of joint actions for the promotion and expansion of the use of hydrogen in Greece’s energy system.

The first stage of the above-mentioned agreement concerns the development of all the required technical specifications to support the modern infrastructure of the hydrogen pipeline network in Greece and the analysis of the prerequisites for the conversion of the existing gas line pipe network infrastructure, in order to support the distribution of hydrogen.

Furthermore, it was agreed to have an ongoing exchange of information on European-level hydrogen development activities, within the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance” and the European Hydrogen Association (Hydrogen Europe). At the same time, a common line was set up to resolve potential technical challenges on the transportation of other emerging alternative fuels, such as biomethane via pipelines.

Nonetheless, it was decided to work closely on the design, material selection and certification aspects regarding Projects of Strategic Importance of DEPA Commercial and DEPA International Projects, such as the ambitious "White Dragon" Project in Western Macedonia, the EastMed pipeline as well as and other important projects, which will contribute to achieving the energy transition.

The CEO of DEPA Commercial, Konstantinos Xifaras, stated: “The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding today is an important step towards the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies in Greece. DEPA supports the formation of new alliances for the implementation of initiatives and projects that will accelerate the transition to Green Energy, such as the White Dragon project that is being coordinated by DEPA Commercial and has the potential to become a lighthouse project for Europe. Our company is continuously putting effort into developing environmentally friendly fuels, such as hydrogen”.

The President of DEPA International Projects, Ioannis Papadopoulos, noted that “DEPA International Projects, having the country's energy security as a priority, develops projects, promotes new technologies and supports the transition to alternative green energy sources such as hydrogen, with agreements, such as the current, which lay the foundations for the implementation of the energy transition”.

The CEO of Corinth Pipeworks S.A., Elias Bekiros, underlined that “today's agreement confirms our company's commitment to the principles of sustainable development and to initiatives addressing climate change. Pure hydrogen from renewable energy sources is a key pillar in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal and is at the center of research at a European level. Our company is at the forefront of the industry for the provision of hydrogen transport solutions, through existing and new pipeline networks. Our goal is to achieve the viability of the EU economy and to ensure clean energy for future generations”.

Further information:
DEPA Commercial, is the company that introduced natural gas to Greece and one of Greece’s major natural gas utilities, active in the supply, wholesale and trading of natural gas; Having entered into long-term pipeline natural gas and LNG supply contracts, it supports the supply sufficiency and security of the country and at the same time it develops significant initiatives so that Greece can play an essential role as a hub of natural gas transit to Europe from countries with rich natural gas deposits. DEPA has recently embarked in aligning its activities with the European Green Agenda and has extended its activities in the field of RES, Hydrogen and Biomethane projects. DEPA holds the position of Co-Chair of one of the six roundtables of the CLEAN HYDROGEN ALLIANCE, set up by the European Commission and aiming at developing and directing investments in order to facilitate and implement the EU’s hydrogen strategy via the creation of dedicated and “IMPORTANT PROJECTS OF COMMON EUROPEAN INTEREST (IPCEI)”. Before this background, DEPA also coordinates the potential Greek IPCEI project named “WHITE DRAGON”.  DEPA is also member of various working groups of the European Hydrogen Association. In the field of RES, DEPA has extended its activities into electricity generation via the installation of large-scale Solar PV plants. 
DEPA INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS, is a company whose activities include the development, construction and/or management of interconnection infrastructure linking Greece with neighboring countries, in various forms of energy including natural gas. The Company has taken over the projects promoted by DEPA through its participation in IGI Poseidon S.A. These projects are the EastMed and Poseidon pipelines as well as the Greek-Bulgarian IGB pipeline interconnector. All projects have been recognized as EU Projects of Common Interest (PCI). In line with the need to move to cleaner forms of energy, the Company will not be involved with projects related to crude oil and petroleum products and will look at also promoting biogas, hydrogen and storage projects in partnership with strategic European and international partners.

Corinth Pipeworks S.A., is a global supplier of high quality steel pipes for the energy and construction markets and operates a state of the art plant at the Industrial Area of Thisvi, Viotia. It has delivered high quality pipes for EU Projects of Common interest such as TAP, IGB, Baltic Pipe and recently achieved net zero carbon emissions for its production facilities and was marked as a “Carbon Neutral Company” for 2019 by TÜV NORD certification body. CPW is wholly owned subsidiary of Cenergy Holdings S.A. who signed the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance declaration, as an integral part of its strategy for sustainable growth in balance with the Paris Climate Agreement, the UN Sustainability Goals and the EU Green Deal. Being at the forefront of technological innovation, Cenergy Holdings companies lead the way in R&D initiatives for hydrogen transportation through existing or new energy networks, develop the technology and the new products that can bring the hydrogen era closer to the realization of a decarbonized clean energy future.