Corinth Pipeworks aiming to maximize its value for the interest of those contributing to its development and society in general, has developed a corporate governance framework, taking into account international practices and standards. In particular, in order to protect the rights of its stakeholders, the Company follows and complies with the effective legislation on Corporate Governance and has voluntarily adopted the Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance that has been recently published by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, with deviations that are analyzed in the Annual Financial Report. 
Corinth Pipeworks‘ objective is constantly assessing and updating the governance framework in order to ensure that the full range of its activities and communication with stakeholders is conducted through transparency, credibility and trust.  
Corinth Pipeworks ensures adequate, accurate and timely provision of information to shareholders and potential investors and all interested parties through the organized system of Corporate Governance, which includes:
  • management bodies with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and obligations,
  • appropriate organisational structure and business processes, 
  • effective internal auditing system and 
  • organized communication system with both the Company’s exterior and interior environment.