The Audit Committee, which is elected and operates in accordance with the Law 3693/2008 (no. 37), consists of three non-executive members of the Board of Directors, of which one is independent and has the primary duty, in the framework of the obligations described in the above Law, of providing support to the Company’s Board of Directors in regard to the fulfilment of the latter’s mandate pertaining to ensuring the effectiveness of accounting and financial systems, audit mechanisms, management systems for business risks, ensuring compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework and the effective application of the principles of Corporate Governance.

Specifically, the Audit Committee is entrusted with the following responsibilities:
  • Assess the effectiveness of all levels of the Management hierarchy, in relation to the latter's safeguarding of the resources under their management and their compliance with the established policy and procedures of the Company.
  • Evaluate procedures and amounts for their adequacy, in regard to the achievement of goals, as well as appraise the policy and programme cited in the activity undergoing evaluation.
  • Periodically audit the various operations of the different divisions or departments, in such a manner to ensure that their diverse activities are conducted smoothly, comply with Management instructions, Company policy and procedures, and that they are aligned with Company objectives and Management best practices.
  • Examine internal audit reports and, in particular:
    • Assess their adequacy, in regard to the extent of information therein provided.
    • Verify the accuracy of the reports.
    • Examine the adequacy of audit evidence in regard to the results of the audit.
The Audit Committee examines and ensures the independence of External Auditors of the Company; it is notified of their findings as well as of the findings of the Audit Reports on the annual or interim Financial Statements of the Company. At the same time, it recommends corrective actions and measures, in view of addressing any findings or flaws in the Financial Reporting or other significant operations of the Company.

In accordance with its Internal Regulation, the Audit Committee consists of two independent, non-executive members of the Board of Directors and one non-executive member, who have the necessary knowledge and experience to fulfill Committee’ s tasks.