Developing systematic channels of communication with stakeholders is an utmost commitment that Corinth Pipeworks has undertaken in order to meet their demands and expectations, including:
  • defining stakeholders and material issues,
  • verifying/ reviewing material issues with stakeholders,
  • developing CSR strategy and priorities,
  • implementing CSR initiatives,
  • review and presentation of Company’s performance to stakeholders,
Corinth Pipeworks has identified as stakeholders the groups that affect and / or are affected, directly or indirectly by its business operations. Moreover, it has recognized that factors like the location, range and nature of the Company’s operations determine the nature and characteristics of stakeholder groups. The identification and, afterwards, the prioritization of the Company’s stakeholders is based on the methodology developed by the international organization GRI-Global Reporting Initiative, which takes into account both, the intensity of the impact that each stakeholder group has on the Company per CSR axis, as well as the intensity of the impact exercised by the Company on each stakeholder group.
Considering the factors that determine the Company's relations with its stakeholder groups, Corinth Pipeworks formed an interactive framework in respect of every such group has been recorded.
Τhe concept of engaging the Company's stakeholders includes a broad framework of interactive communication means/channels and activities. Corinth Pipeworks develops dialogue with stakeholders’ groups in order to identify the main issues of their concern. While communicating and cooperating with its stakeholders, the Company records the crucial issues and evaluates their views and needs in order to redesign its procedures and define the action plans that will most effectively meet those needs. This way, the Company aims to provide information to every stakeholders’ group, to take into consideration their view and opinions and to have their support and understanding in managing the issues that it has undertaken to address.