Corinth Pipeworks is in the process of integrating the guidelines of the new ISO 26000 standard into its procedures. Since the aforementioned standard constitutes a framework of guidelines and not a certifiable management system, integration of its main principles is a long and on-going procedure. In particular, the table below presents, per ISO 26000 core subject, the actions and commitments made by the Company:

Corporate Governance

The Company constantly develops and improves the system of governance to ensure transparency in its operations. At Corinth Pipeworks, selecting appropriate principles and practices of Corporate Governance is a commitment, which, in turn, safeguards the interests of all its stakeholders. Ethical and responsible business practices of the Company are shaped after the recognition of potential risks and opportunities associated with Company’s every strategic decision.

Through the decisions taken at both – strategic and operational level, Corinth Pipeworks, promotes the concept of business ethics, ensure transparency of its operations and meet the interests of its stakeholders. The practices are applicable to all Company’s operations and are based on regulations and principles of responsible business behaviour. At Corinth Pipeworks, we believe that these principles are the means that can ensure our sustainable development.

Corinth Pipeworks invests in research and development of advanced technologies in order to produce safe and qualitative products and thus to render better services to its customers. When it comes to raw and supplementary materials, the Company carefully selects its suppliers to ensure the high quality of its products. Corinth Pipeworks operates in a responsible and ethical manner in a highly competitive market.

People at Corinth Pipeworks play the major role in its development. The Company focuses on developing a merit system in order to attract employees, a transparent system of fees and promotions and an updated system of employee training and development. Corinth Pipeworks is committed to continuously enhancing occupational health and safety management system, in accordance with OHSAS 18001 international standard.

At Corinth Pipeworks, equal opportunities and respect for human rights are integral principles of Company’s Code of Conduct. Corinth Pipeworks continuously sharing its philosophy on respect for human rights across the Company and its external associates worldwide. Corinth Pipeworks has stipulated policy for human rights in employment and continues to work for equal employment opportunities, respect for human rights, elimination of discrimination, and the prohibition of forced labour and child labour. The Company takes every chance for education or training that will promote understanding and penetration of human right in the workplace.

Corinth Pipeworks is deeply concerned about local communities’ development, and therefore, it supports local employment and improves the quality of life for the residents of the areas adjacent to its plants. It successfully collaborates with the local communities and takes into account their needs and concerns while taking decisions or organizing relative action plans. 

Corinth Pipeworks operates in a responsible manner and fulfils its environmental commitments, while it recognises the significance of the implementation of the precautionary principle in respect of all its actions and decisions. The Company applies a certified environmental management system, in accordance with ISO 14001 international standard. The environmental management system helps Corinth Pipeworks to design and put to practice actions in order to reduce its environmental footprint, placing emphasis on proper management of waste, such as recovery and recycling.