Corinth Pipeworks strives to have a positive impact in the local communities, in which it operates both, as an employer and as an associate.
Playing an active role in the local communities facilitates Corinth Pipeworks understanding what matters to local communities and listen to their concerns. This helps Company to prioritise the issues that matters most to them and focuse on their welfare and development by implementing programs in two major areas:
  1. Employment at local communities
    The Company has a positive impact on the local labor market, employing people from the local communities that represent more than 85% of its total personnel.
  2. Supporting local suppliers 
    Corinth Pipeworks reinforces local entrepreneurship by collaborating with local suppliers and contractors who operate nearby Thisvi plant locations. Company’s policy is focused on selecting suppliers and contractors who operate around Thisvi plant or within Regional unit of Viotia when the project or supplies may be implemented / covered by a local partner under the same other conditions.