Corinth Pipeworks’s comprehensive approach to social responsibility aligns with our values and maximizes the impact we can have as a Company. We focus our community programs on specific societal issues, including sports, education, the environment, culture, health and vulnerable social groups and volunteer. These are areas of urgent societal needs where we can play a key-role. 


Corinth Pipeworks supports systematically athletic activities, since sports has a positive effect on mental and physical health of children and adults alike and facilitates the most constructive engagement of young people, thus preventing them from developing harmful and addictive habits. In this context the Company financially supports the activities of local sports clubs and assists in maintenance and improvement projects of sports facilities.

It is Corinth Pipeworks belief that education is the key tool for individual and community development. Through its financial support the Company implements a variety of initiatives in the schools of Thisvi, which aiming in promoting access to technology and a safe school environment (e.g. heating fuel to local schools, building maintenance, transportation cost, computers donation) and in highlighting the important role of solidarity and creating stable relations within local communities (e.g. theatrical performancies, collaboration with local cultural associations, painting competitions).

Corinth Pipeworks makes a major contribution to environmental initiatives, undertaken by the local communities, through a wide variety of activities (e.g. provision of equipment to Thisvi fire department, cleaning the local areas, purchase and placing litter bins, supporting environmental events).

Corinth Pipeworks, supports a number of cultural events related to promoting and preserving of local heritage and culture.

Corinth Pipeworks carries out initiatives aimed at improving healthcare for the residents in the areas adjacent to its facilities, as well as protecting the vulnerable social groups (e.g. support low income families to address incurable diseases, cover heating fuel expenses for Thivas’ nursing home, cover the medical examination of the pupils of Domvraina secondary school).

Corinth Pipeworks believes that volunteer contributes to promoting social solidarity. On annual basis, the Company organizes at least one voluntary initiative in order to assist the most vulnerable social groups.

The voluntary program "Together for Social Solidarity" refers to achieving social awareness of its employees and collecting supplies of clothing, dry food, books and toys to be distributed to the people in need. The Company’s employees participate in the program according to their willingness and potential. Corinth Pipeworks collaborates with both, the local authorities from the Municipal Unity of Thisvi and the Holy Metropolis of Thiva and Levadia for distributing the donated items to vulnerable groups.

Corinth Pipeworks recognizes the necessity of blood donation and has a blood bank for its personnel and their families, since 2002. Company organizes two blood donation every year in its premises with high participation rates.


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